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 Review 1997

1997 turned out to be a great year for The Rave-Network, The Internet and Technology in general. Reflecting back to our first year of WebCasting and Simulcasting (with a local Radio Station), we all realised what is happening in front of our eyes: a new revolutionary medium that allowed us to connect with like minded Ravers all over the world.

If you remember what The Rave-Network is all about: our mission is to create an integrated environment where social interactions and technology go hand in hand... thus creating a proof-of-concept that technology can provide an entertainment environment simular to or even much more exciting than radio and TV... we create content without the ‘censoring’ and ‘boring’ factor: what you see and hear is a reflection of ‘real life’ not just another ‘programmed’ event put together by profit driven managers.

With the limited resources and the front position on the ‘bleeding edge’ we managed to survive and continue creating real life experiences for people all over the World.

We think we already achieved a success in the last 12 months, covering the whole year of 1997. Indeed, we started our first “Live WebCasting” Jan 5th 1997 at The WestEnd in Santa Monica, which hosts the wildly popular LA Mappoint for House and Techno: Club L.O.G.I.C.

The next pages provide a more complete look of what we did so far... only to make you wonder what we will serve you this year. Therefore... stay tuned, subscribe to the Mailing List for updates and come back as much as you want. Don’t forget: we still have our “24 hr Non-Stop Rave Around The World”  WebCast Station still on-line, only to wait for Cable-Modems and High Bandwith Connections to really come around... and change your world... forevvah :)

Until then: Have fun and give us Feedback, so we know what it is you want to hear... or see...

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